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 Soul Edge Complains!

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Soul Edge
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PostSubject: Soul Edge Complains!   Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:04 pm

*A green smoke appears in the entrance and Soul Edge appears trough it*

*In a leaf typhoon Soul Edge disappears from the entrance and appears in the ring*

Soul Edge:"I came out here to address you and the roster with something, something i don't do for quite some while. I came here to remember that I STILL AM "The Portuguese Wonder" and from now on i demand better matches! I demand better competition! Everyone knows I got the potential and talent do destroy any star in the roster! So recently I though: what i am doing with all this power!? NOTHING! And today I want a match to prove everyone who still I am! So who has the balls to give me an answer!?"

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PostSubject: Re: Soul Edge Complains!   Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:32 pm

*HardRock Hallelujah is played when the lights go out... DarkSkull makes his way to the ring handing a sledgehammer and with the ring and the titron base on fire and with smoke on his way...*

*DarkSkull picks a microphone for the hand of the announcer*

The Portuguese Wonder?? What is this?? You can be the Portuguese Clown but Wonder??.. And if you want a challenge, I give you a challenge...
And if Robert agrees, it will be a


So, prepare to visit the Darkness and be a Wonder....... for loosers

So, Robert, can it be a STEEL CAGE MATCH??
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Soul Edge Complains!
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