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 (In ring) Stable

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PostSubject: (In ring) Stable   Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:14 pm

Qinno enter the ring and asks for a microphone.

Qinno: I came out here tonight not to talk with my fans, but to talk with the other Annihilation members. I'm sorry if i disappointed my fans but now this thing i need to say is important for me and my future.

Qinno stops, looks at the crowd and wonders why don't they do anything.

Qinno: As you know my friends i have no stable and now I'm looking for one. Lets just say that I was kicked out of 'Team Disturbed' for... uhm... a stupid reason. So if someone is listening to me and willing to let me join hes stable than i would really appreciate it.

Qinno gets out of the ring

Qinno: If you need my help then please just contact me.

Qinno grabs MaunoKasa's ankle
twisting the foot executing a devastating Ankle Lock!!
Qinno keeps his ripping submission hold
Qinno keeps his ripping submission hold
Qinno releases his grasp
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PostSubject: Re: (In ring) Stable   Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:28 am

A wolf howls and DaWolf walks out to the entrance ramp. He looks around at the fans who cheer on and then looks up at Qinno.

Well... you have been a member of a stable we've collided with lately.. I'm not sure why but something tells me I might give you chance. However, you need to know some rules before you even consider.
#1: The Pack is one.. no side-jobs, no back-stabs, no back-offs
#2: The Pack comes first, then everybody else
#3: An attack on a wold is an attack on The Pack
#4: We fight together, and we stay together

All the other members know this and respect it. I will have no problem kicking someone out if they don't respect our principles. As we are right now, I see a very coherent group of wrestlers with a higher goal than simple match winnings. If you feel you fit in, try to prove yourself worthy, and I'll consider it!
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(In ring) Stable
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