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 The Suicidal Truth

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PostSubject: The Suicidal Truth   Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:00 pm

*Suicide!! walks out laughing with a smile on his face*

Suicide!!:Hahaha good show gentlemen great performance that was an amazing feat for you to over come that obstacle and made the impossible possible but before i go on i need to address some things

*Suicide!! climbs into the ring*

Suicide!!:I bet the world probably thinks that im going to play off the fact that i was attacked by that mob of people, no i provoked the fight with Mank, Mank all you are is muscle,you have very little self control and that showed,you get enraged very easy and if you don't get that undercontrol somebody will seriously hurt you

*Suicide!! pauses*

Suicide!!:But if it wasn't for brainless unintelligent pieces of flesh like you i would be where i am now,I will admit that Mank is Stronger than me but listen good Mank strength only gets you so far before somebody stronger comes along and you get tossed,you need to give people a reason to remember your name and without your rivalry with me you don't have sh*t

*Suicide!! looks into the crowd*

Suicide!!:I assume that you all saw my loss to Thunderhawk and Darth Scepter,my hat is off to you men,Thunderhawk you finally found a person that can fight your battles in the ring which is great for your career but a legacy will define a true champion,I always respected you as a man but as a wrestler you need to step up or leave while your ahead

*Suicide!! paces the ring back and forth*

Suicide!!:Darth the first time we met in the ring i retained my title in a steel cage and you walked away with another loss under you belt,I think its funny how you are the leader but once gained the chance you were the only member to not become the champion which show what a great leader you are doesn't it,maybe next time i have a single match against a member of the legion you should stay backstage and let things play out

*Suicide!! climbs up and sits on the top turnbuckel*

Suicide!!:Besides what has been said you guys did beat the Pack so enjoy you victory while you still can because only god knows when you next one will be,Dawolf ISB and the rest of the pack we need to look past this set back and focus on the next challenge

Suicide!!:I believe that i have said all that has been need to say for now but i assume so other wrestler will come out so you know what i'll just sit out here and wait for him to come

*Suicide!! stands in the middle of the ring waiting for another wrestler to come and give thier opinion*

Suffering, Sacrifice, Success..........Suicide!!
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PostSubject: Re: The Suicidal Truth   Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:37 pm

*The lights fade out as lightnings strike the ring, and Thunderhawk steps in the ring cracking his neckbones and takes his mike*

"First, Suicide!! ... I wanted to congratulate you for your match, you did a great job, as well as DaWolf ... And i hope he will be happy for it, we had a good match. And I wanted to thank you for not respecting me as a wrestler ..."

*Suicide!! stares at him surprised*

"Why that, you may ask ? Because I think that it is in adversity that a man proves what he is. It is easy to prove something in an easy situation, and it may be easy for me to come here after the victory. But it isn't ..."

*He pauses and glances at the backstage*

"You see behind that Tron ? That is where i started training here, and there is where i am trying to improve each day, suffering from losses, happy for victories, but always working. And in any case, one day I should be able to show myself off ... In 4 years ? 2 weeks ? Who knows ... Just God, but I want to say to YOU especially, Suicide!!, to this audience and to all those who doubt of it and to, generally, to all of you ... that one day ... Soon or late ... I will achieve something great ..."

*He stops*

"And I don't mind if you'll stand in my path again ... But you will understand it ... at your expense or not. And if you do, better you start hiding from my Claws ... or else ... I will have no sorrow nor remorse to ... put you out of my way"

*He stops and stares at Suicide*
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The Suicidal Truth
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