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 Space Trucker's First Official Entrance and Presentation

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Space Trucker

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PostSubject: Space Trucker's First Official Entrance and Presentation   Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:54 pm

The crowd is waiting for the next match,when the lights go out and a video suddenly starts on the TitanTron!

Space Trucker's musical theme

They start talking among them,wondering who is Space Trucker-some of them seem to enjoy the tune!
Some moments later,as the song reaches a solo,the sound of a motorcycle comes from the entrance and a Harley Davidson Fatboy,with to riders charges in.
Most of the crowd turns sour,thinking
"Oh boy,another Hell's Angel-isque wanna be tough guy...",but when they notice that it's the girl that drives,while the wrestler enjoys the ride,they look closer!
All the guys in the audience start to cheer-the lady is really impressing!Long legs,black fishnet stockings,red high heel boots,black leather mini skirt,wearing only a black leather jacket over her red bra,with her long,curly blond hair,the lady is definitely something worth to watch and admire!
So,as it is natural,noone paid attention to the wrestler,who stepped into the ring and got the announcer's microphone!

"HEY GUYS!OVER HERE" he shouts,while his companion made a U turn and drove through the entrance.
"Pretty,isn't she?",the wrestler says smiling.
The crowd cheers!

"Well,there others as pretty as her and you'll find them all at the strip club around the corner,but you better behave yourselves,she's a wrestler too and can beat the crap out of any of you,if you don't treat her girls nicely!"
Some guys start to boo,while others start to clap,but most of them are laughing heartily-they seem to like this change from the usual,boring entrances!
"Ok,the truth is that she wanted to drive my Harley for a long time now and I wanted to get your attention,so it was a perfect chance to do both.
I mean,who would pay attention to me if I came here on my own,grab the microphone and say stupid stuff like
*he starts to growl in a perfect imitation of a pissed off wrestler*"I am the best wrestler!I'll Be the next champion!I'll kill everybody and dance polka on their graves!"
The crowd starts to laugh uncontrollably,the guy is a comedian!
"Alright,let me say a couple of things before the wrestlers who are about to fight get mad at me!
I'm Space Trucker,a newbie here and I'm here just to wrestle and entertain you!
I don't give a damn if I get gold around my waist,but I will wipe the ring's mat with the rear end of anyone who believes that I'm easy prey!
Stick around people-there's some serious wrestling coming!"

With these words,he jumps off the ring and rushes towards the exit,hi fiving the laughing fans along the way...
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Small Time Legend
Small Time Legend

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PostSubject: Re: Space Trucker's First Official Entrance and Presentation   Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:44 am

The arena lights start to dim but a lightning flashes all across the arena as a wolf howl is heard and the lights go out completely. A spotlight shines on Space Trucker in the ring and another one circles the crowds until it rests on DaWolf, standing on top of a camera post in one of the highest rows of the arena. DaWolf says nothing but simply raises his fist up in the air as his spotlight dims and he vanishes as the arena lights come back.
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Space Trucker's First Official Entrance and Presentation
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