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 ricing hell

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two bit
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PostSubject: ricing hell   Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:02 pm

two bit and qmoney walk to the ring with a microphone.

two bit:mank mank mank! good fight last week but that didn't scare me.

two bit walk around.

two bit:we are the two best wrestler in this show! so i want to say this! you bring shame to that title and tonight is a ppv fight me vs you! so i was thinking what about putting that title an the line you vs me! or are you scare to lose it to the master two bit.

two bit walk around one more time.

two bit:list up mank this season ppv fight is good to be the greatest two bit vs mank for the International Title no one come out and help us not even our stable just me and you in a one on one fight.
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ricing hell
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