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 sad moment

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PostSubject: sad moment   Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:49 pm

Pyro gets off and Telan enters the Ring holding a mic.

He beginn too speak just as i said i won last week but i doesnt not matter any mor since this show has come too an end. But true my time here was not long i relly liked it here but now its enough off this. Lets come too the main thing my last match here becouse this is a wrestling ppv and not a talkshow.

Telan point a finger too the Titan Tron were Lucky & Telan vs Space Trucker & Qinno is displayed.

Space Trucker & Qinno be warned i plan too win m last match here and i will do anything for it.
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Space Trucker

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PostSubject: Space Trucker suddenly shows up!   Sat Mar 21, 2009 3:15 pm

As Telan was talking,suddenly the all familiar roar of a Harley fills the Arena and Space Trucker enters the Arena!
The crowd cheers as he gets off his bike,he may not be the best wrestler of TIW,but he's proven to be a persistent wrestler and an honest opponent-apart from being pure fun!
He calmly rolls a cigarette,lights it up,draws a whiff and finally says with eyes locked on Telan.

"Yo Borg face!Assimilated any good wrestlers lately?'cause you're gonna need a lot more than you already got to take me down!
Or do you think that I'd enjoy losing my last match on TIW?"

Telan's blank expression reveals nothing but cold rage,as the crowd erupts in thunderous laughter!
"Let me tell you what.If you're really going to do anything to win,then bring a phaser to the fight and set it to kill,'cause nothing's gonna stun me-except if Paris Hilton wins the Physics Nobel!"
The crowd's laughter now fills the arena!
"Seriously now..." Space Trucker continues, "Don't even think of trying anything dirty,or the Pack will have you and your partner for dinner,you got that?Keep it clear and you might win,play dirty....and suffer!"
With these words,he tosses the cigarette to Telan and goes up his Harley again,leaving Telan no time to respond.
He vanishes through the exit,with a thunderous applause following him out....
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sad moment
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